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"Activate Activists"

 An offer of the Europeans For Climate Association
(coming soon in 2023) 

With the Green Deal, Europe has set itself a clear goal:

 Countries, municipalities and companies must operate climate-neutrally by 2050 at the latest.

 The ECA helps interested and committed actors to develop and implement their own climate initiatives.

Understand the causes and effects of climate change, know requirements and laws, seize opportunities, implement specific projects

This is how we support the step from knowledge to action!


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"Activate activists" 

Why you should become an activist:

As a cell biologist, I research the collaboration between corals and algae, which forms the basis of coral reef ecosystems. Academic research is key to addressing climate change. However, the direct application of basic research is often not visible. This is where the ECA makes the difference: concrete and immediately effective projects that counteract climate change are planned and jointly implemented. It's fun and absolutely everyone can take part in order to contribute to maintaining our ecosystems and our quality of life in the long term.

Speaker at our workshops 
- Prof. Annika Guse

"The seminar series is absolutely recommendable for everyone who realizes that the time to act is overripe. This well-thought-out training provided me with valuable knowledge, e.g. on climate-neutral business and legal requirements for companies.
At the same time, the training was very practical and experience-oriented.
I met great people there. We can now start initiatives together that bring sustainable concepts to companies, cities and people. "

- Member Britta

"Every generation has a task to solve. And climate protection is one of our most important tasks. Together we must work for a new normal! “My footprint is MUCH too big, I have to change that, but how do you actually live climate-neutral? Climate protection is in a hurry! ”That was my motivation ... to go ahead for this seminar and as an activist. In the seminar, plain language is spoken. As a result, I actively reconsidered my previous habits and actively changed my actions."

- Member Nadine

"At first it was just a gut feeling: The climate change somehow seems more threatening. Then I wanted to know more about it. In such a way that I understand it and can derive something from it for my own actions. This is exactly what the seminar series "Climate-neutral living in Europe" fits. I was a little worried that the findings on climate change would paralyze me rather than activate me: What can I do as an individual? This is not the case: The seminar series showed me: There are many who are committed, a lot is changing, both on a small and large scale, and there is reason to hope that the earth is not yet lost. I owe this inspiration to the offer "Climate-neutral living in Europe"."

- Member Jochen

"When I hear discussions about how to address climate change, it is often about constraints and deterioration. That looks tough, gray and bad. That makes me tired.
In my job as a process consultant, coach and interpreter and in my hobby as a musician, I often ask how things can work out and where the room for motion is. That suits me more. So the type of ECA suits me: the way it looks for change that is feasible without an overwhelming severity. I feel like thinking further. So it turned out for me that - in addition to the many projects - I buy less new things. And when I'm planning a vacation, I think of taking the train - even if takes 2 days…."

- Member Bernhard