“Haftelwald” Reforestation Project

ECA initiator and climate activist Utz A.-Thorweihe has launched a new project to create benchmarks for sustainable renaturation: the Haftelwald. Starting this year, a deforested area near the German-French border will be reforested as a “food forest”. This project offers interested parties the opportunity to acquire sponsorships for their own trees, to take part in local training courses in the adhesive forest on climate protection and renaturation in times of climate change – or to organise nature-oriented and informative events with the company.

First preparations for the HaftelWald Forest

On 27th and 28th June of 2020 the active supporters of the Europeans for Climate, with the help of the consultants of the management consultancy Maiconsulting, completed the first important preparations for the tree planting on the Haftel forest site. Since the terrain is slightly sloping and has different degrees of humidity, different tree species with suitable requirements for location and soil moisture are to be planted on the site. To facilitate this, the terrain had to be carefully measured and the plots for each tree had to be staked out. The first trees and protective bushes will be planted in late autumn 2020. We will post all news here on the website.

Measuring the field

Europeans for Climate while staking out the Field for the HaftelWald Project

Measuring the HaftelWald field

Impression from the 3. module of the certification »Climate Change Consultant«

3. Module "Paths to a climate-neutral economy"

Setting the stakes for each individual tree on the HaftelWald Project

Measuring the field

Initiator Utz A.-Thorweihe beim Ausmessen des HaftelWald-Feldes

Measuring the field

Umgebung des Haftelhofs in Schweighofen, Pfalz

Surroundings of the Haftelhof, Schweighofen

Auch schlechtes Wetter kann die Teilnehmerïnnen nicht vom Ausmessen abhalten

Participants of the Europeans for Climate measuring

Teilnehmer der Zertifizierung »Wege zum klimaneutralen Wirtschaften« beim Ausmessen des Feldes

Measure the contour lines